• Welcome to the LSUS Moodle Learning Management System!

    Here you will find course materials and communication tools that assist our students and teachers to communicate, participate in discussions, exchange documents and track grades.

    -Information Technology Services

  • Your user id is your student id number. (Your student id number is NOT your social security number. Your student id number is a) 9 characters long, b) the first character is a letter and the other 8 are numbers, c) does NOT have dashes or spaces in it.) If you do not know your student id number, you may log into myLSUS at https://compass.lsus.edu using your social and your student ID number is listed on every page.

    Your password is your PIN number.

  • Sample Profile Picture

    Profile Picture Problems

    One of the top 5 Moodle questions IT gets is:  "My profile picture is still displaying an old picture I had uploaded and not the one I just uploaded. Can you help?"

    Oftentimes Moodle is caching the picture on your computer.  Try this: Upload the picture of you and once it is finished, hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard and press F5. This will refresh your browser and should show you your picture ;-)

  • Important Considerations:

    1) Moodle is heavily dependent upon the JavaScript implementation of your web browser.  It has been found that Internet Explorer has a whole host of problems when utilized with Moodle.  We STRONGLY recommend that you utilize Firefox (which is available for free from www.firefox.com) or Chrome (which is available for free from www.chrome.com).

    2) Between 2:00 and 2:30 AM Central Standard Time every night, Moodle services are paused while a database backup is done.  Please be very aware of this when beginning a test or starting to post data.

    3) LSUS has learners in many time zones around the globe. However, our Moodle classes utilize the Central Time Zone of the US (Central Standard Time) when referring to all references of time within our courses.

    Student New to LSUS or Returning After Several Semesters Away

    Moodle (and Student Email) accounts are created when four items have occurred: 1) you must have registered for classes in MyLSUS, 2) after midnight that night, on 3) Monday - Friday nights, when 4) the semester for which you are registering is considered by the system the "current" semester.  So a few examples: if you register for classes on Saturday morning, your Moodle account would at earliest be available on Tuesday morning.  if you registered for Fall classes in July, Fall won't be considered "current" until Summer school is over, so your account would at earliest be available in early august after the last day of summer school.   If you have questions about your account not existing, you can email moodle@lsus.edu or its@lsus.edu

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